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About Lowden Guitars


The Lowden guitar is the result of unique design, workmanship and assembly techniques combined with prime choices in woods.


Design is unique with smooth curved soundboxes, carefully voiced tops, and built with natural wood decorations. finished in a unique hand rubbed satin. All of these elements are combined to make the Lowden guitar what it is today.

Workmanship and assembly techniques involve the use of specialty hand tools to improve the quality of all joints and enable the “Dolphin Profile” voicing of the soundboard bracing. This and many more design and technique factors ensure that sustain, volume and balance are not hindered in any way. No short cuts are entertained in the build process, just great workmanship and attention to detail.


Lowden hand-splits their bracing stock and re-grade soundboard wood on site. Only the very best (and often most decorative) tonewoods are used to produce the sound, feel, and playability of their guitars.


Lowden Guitars builds instruments with individuals who posses a talent for focus and an eye for detail. Combine that talent with a passionate commitment without compromise and they have a team that creates guitars which feel and sound like individual ‘works of art’.



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