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Super Sustain
Sloped Dread
OO Nick Lucas
Grand Auditorium-Florentine Cutaway
Full Jumbo Venetian
Baritone Fan Fret Florentine
Concert 13 fret
Concert 13 fret

Dehradun Guitar Company builds world-class custom instruments in the foothills of the Himalayas.


People ask, “Why India?”  If you’re able to read this, you probably grew up with privileges and opportunities that most people in this world could only dream of. It gets you thinking about how you can invest your resources where the needs are greatest. That’s how we landed here.


When you play a Dehradun Guitar, you’re empowering artisans in north India. And they’re not just artisans, they’re survivors. If you had a chance to meet our builders and talk with them, you would know that fact.

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