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Work in progress.....a typical Luthier's day.

In The Company of Luthiers

Marc Warman is the Founder and Owner of The Guitar Lair.


Passionate about fine quality and well appointed instruments, Marc puts incredible effort and time into sourcing out and bringing to you, the finest selections of guitars available from around the world.


Enabled by association with some of the best Luthiers in the world, Marc has been successful in bringing top quality, sound, feel and value to clients, a service not easily available anywhere else in Asia.


Visit The Guitar Lair and surprise yourself with what awaits you. Make a private appointment today and come choose your next heirloom.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.                             - Plato


Trevor Kronbauer is another fine example of the natural talent born of Canadian Luthiers. Trevor's home of Armstrong BC in Canada's Okanagan Valley, is where he creates his artistic and beautiful instruments. He builds World Class Guitars with a combination of passion, talent and the finest materials available. Attention to detail, superb playability and well rounded out sound are what make Kronbauer Guitars unique.


Kevin Ryan builds exquisite custom guitars with fingerstyle players in mind. From years of experience as an acoustic guitarist, woodworker and aerospace R&D engineer, Kevin brings a combination of science, craftsmanship and artistry together to fulfill his life passion of building fabulous acoustic guitars. A mixture of tonal and aesthetic luxury in every creation.


John McQuarrie built his first guitar in high school woodshop class. Hired by Jean Larrivee (Larrivee Guitars) in the 1980's John was mentored by Larrivee and he soon learned the trade proficiently. In 1994 John started Northwood Guitars and is based in the small hamlet of Sorrento, in the British Columbia interior of Canada's West.


David Webber. North Vancouver Canada. Building quality instruments for over 24 years and producing well over 1,300 guitars puts David in a league with Luthiers that create only stunning and quality instruments. David presently builds about 100 instruments per year and are modern versions of traditional shapes, braced and built with his own techniques and patterns, capitalizing on the natural beauty of the woods enhanced by minimalistic ornamentation and natural materials whenever possible.


Michael Millard of Chelsea, Vermont USA built his first Froggy Bottom guitar in 1970. Now after more than forty years he has built over 5,000 different guitars and along with the Froggy Bottom team builds approximately 100 custom guitars a year for individual players or a select group of exceptional dealers.


Brent McElroy. Master Luthier of McElroy Guitars, based in the artistic town of La Conner Washington, USA. Brent builds stunning instruments and is a well respected Luthier internationally.


Luthier Roman Zajíček, is known as one of the finest guitar makers in Europe. Located in The Czech Republic, ROZAWOOD Guitars are coveted by players from all over the world and many consider Roman to be among the “top 5” guitar makers worldwide. His instruments are known for their impressive tone and impeccable workmanship.


David Murray, Luthier and Founder of the Dehradun Guitar Company, in Dehradun India. David's instruments have a special meaning to us at The Guitar Lair due mostly to the type of work that he does, where he does it and whom he does it with. Top notch, full quality and totally custom instruments.

Tom Bedell of Bedell Guitars, USA. Tom is one of the famous "Two Old Hippies"!

Petr Furch of Furch Guitars, Czech Republic. Furch Guitars are a fine example of craftsmanship in Hand Made Guitars.

David Iannone of Morgan Guitars. Fabulous Canadian Craftsmanship.

George Lowden of Lowden Guitars, Northern Ireland. World Class Guitars at their finest.

Mark Lyttle of Avalon Guitars

Mark Lyttle of Avalon Guitars, Northern Ireland. Mark is one of Avalon's top Luthiers.


Joshua House of House Guitars, Ontario Canada. Joshua is an up and coming Luthier to keep your eye on. Excellent creativity and awesome instruments!

Jeff Huss & Mark Dalton

Jeff Huss & Mark Dalton. Owners and founders of Huss and Dalton Musical Instruments, Jeff and Mark produce some of the best sounding and aesthetically appealing guitar series available.

Kim Breedlove of Breedlove Guitars

Kim Breedlove of Breedlove Guitars, USA. Breedlove is a name synonymous with top quality, design and sound.

Hozen of Maestro Guitars Singapore

Hozen of Maestro Guitars Singapore. Hozen has recently studied under the influences of Ervin Somogyi and has added to his already present capable talents. Hozen is a passionate and meticulous Luthier.


Marc Warman, Founder and Owner of The Guitar Lair. Continually striving to learn the art of Lutherie and humbly accepting his limitations among his peers. Student of Master Luthier, Jeffery Yong.

Avalon Ernie.jpg

Ernie of Avalon Guitars, Northern Ireland.

Avalon Guys.jpg

This is what the Avalon Guitars fellows do after a hard day of building Guitars in Northern Ireland.

Avalon Luthier 2.jpg

Avalon Guitars of Northern Ireland employs a number of skillful Luthiers.


Dana Bourgeois of Maine USA. Bourgeois Guitars remains one of America's finest guitar builders. Thanks to Dana, we have an incredible selection of quality and craftsmanship to enjoy.

Bill Collings.jpg

Bill Collings of Collings Guitars, Austin Texas, USA. Bill has created some beautiful designs in both acoustic and electric guitars.

George Lowden of Lowden Guitars

George Lowden of Lowden Guitars, Northern Ireland. Legendary Lowden's as they are often referred to, are fine examples of meticulous craftsmanship and Irish pride.


Master Luthier Jeffrey Yong. Home grown and local Malaysian, Jeffery is an experienced Luthier, world renowned for his craftsmanship and use of non-traditional woods. Jeffrey, places particular emphasis on the voicing of his instruments' soundboards. He is also an influential and sharing teacher.


The "Unknown Luthier". We don't know who this fellow is, but he seems to have a good selection of Tonewoods there to choose from....

The Guitar Lair continues to search out and interview talented Luthiers from around the globe in order to bring you the finest stringed instruments available today.


Continue to watch our website for additions to our lineup.

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